Message from the President

Matsumoto Hiroshi

RIKEN was established in 1917 as an institute for scientific and applied research to promote the growth of Japanese industry. The institute celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2017.

RIKEN boasts a highly diverse research environment, bringing together outstanding researchers from around the globe. As the sole comprehensive research institute of the natural sciences in Japan, we have been taking the lead in a wide array of scientific areas, encompassing physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematical information science, computational science, biology, and medicine. Now a designated national research and development institute, RIKEN is expected to become a core institution that will boldly lead Japan’s innovation system. To do so, we are strengthening collaborations with various areas and sectors, including industry and academia, and further promoting research and development that takes into account the turbulent international environment, climate change, natural disasters such as typhoons and forest fires, and global issues, including infectious diseases.

RIKEN has also been placing special emphasis on human resource development. In FY 2017, we launched the RIKEN Hakubi Program, which provides outstanding young researchers an opportunity to conduct independent research activities as a PI. Within the Hakubi Program, we introduced the Kato Sechi Program in FY 2018. Exclusively for female researchers, the Kato Sechi Program aims to create a research environment for female scientists who are expected to be research leaders on the global stage.

We will link our discoveries in science and technology to the creation of new value, integrate the synergies that distinguish RIKEN, and promote the development of basic research, which is the source of knowledge, as well as outstanding technologies. As a world leader in science, RIKEN will strive to create a better life for people in Japan and contribute to the global community.