Toward the realization of a diverse research environment

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  • We provided “FY 2021 Research funding support for researchers returning to work/research from interruption”

    This program aims to support researchers returning to work/research from interruption due to life events such as childrearing or caregiving, and to maintain and further improve research and development outcomes.

    September 2021
  • Dr. Dan Ohtan Wang’s interview is available at the ALBA Diversity Podcast

    ALBA Networkopen other tab was founded by a group of leading scientists to promote equity and diversity in the brain sciences. The ALBA diversity podcast (an initiative of the ALBA Network) highlights diverse profiles of neuroscientists, to showcase the grit and determination it takes to overcome hurdles as part of underrepresented groups in brain research. The interview with Dr. Dan Ohtan Wang, Team leader of Laboratory for Neuroepitranscriptomics, and the audio transcription, is posted on the ALBA diversity podcastopen other tab website.

    September 2021
  • Work and Nursing Care Seminar

    The Work and Nursing Care Seminar was held online on Friday, August 27, 2021, entitled “Nursing care and finances in later life: Latest information about home care and institutional care.” We welcomed Ms. Yumi Yamanaka, the President of Aging Design Labo, as a lecturer. She provided guidance on planning for the consequences of aging and preparations we should make especially in terms of housing.

    August 2021
  • We provided the “FY 2021 second-half subsidies to hire support staff for researchers who are pregnant, raising children or caring for ill/older family members”

    We offer subsidies to help cover the cost of a support person to assist a research staff member who is pregnant, caring for small children, or engaged in nursing care, so that the staff member can continue to conduct research.

    August 2021
  • Diversity Seminar “Why are physics and mathematics seen as masculine subjects? Gender bias caused by social climate and images”

    The Diversity Seminar entitled “Why are physics and mathematics seen as masculine subjects? Gender bias caused by social stereotypes and images” was held on Thursday, July 15, 2021. We welcomed Professor Hiromi Yokoyama from Kavli Institute for Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU), and the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo as lecturer for the event. In light of the current situation in Japan where few female students choose to study in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), particularly in physics and mathematics, Professor Yokoyama talked about the findings of her project that elucidated the impact of gender bias caused by social norm, images and culture.

    July 2021

Our initiatives

  • Message

    In addition to messages from the President and the Executive Director, an overview of RIKEN’s Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment, a support program for human resources development in science and technology established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT), is provided.

  • Our approach

    Various initiatives that we take to realize a diverse research environment are introduced.

  • Our activities

    Our activities, which include administering support systems and holding events, are explained.