Message from the Director of Office of Diversity Promotion

Director of Office of Diversity Promotion / Executive Director of RIKEN
Motoko Kotani

In order to stand as the world's top research and development institute, RIKEN is striving to establish a vibrant research environment by actively appointing diverse and excellent researchers including young, female, and foreign individuals.

The Office of Diversity Promotion, under the strong leadership of the President, aims to promote female researchers and others more effectively by collaborating with existing support organizations in RIKEN. At the same time, we are implementing measures to balance work and family based on the philosophy of gender equality so that research and development activities can be continued during and after childbirth, childcare and nursing care. Also, by active adoption of diverse and excellent researchers, we are promoting to develop a dynamic research environment.

We will continue our diversity promotion activities objectively and effectively by conducting gender analyses of recruitment/appointment data, vacation/leave acquisition status, needs survey results and research output from evidence-based perspective. We will also work on the foreign researcher support by strengthening foreign language assistance, and the employment support for persons with disabilities, etc.

We intend to make the utmost efforts to achieve the mission required under the “Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment” by establishing a collaboration with external organizations and local governments, promoting R&D and innovation through exchanges among industries, universities, and National Research and Development Agencies, etc., strengthening outreach activities, and by developing leading research environment aiming for further advancement of the creativity, global recognition, and diversity. We aim to realize an environment where everyone can maximize her/his ability and individuality without leaving anyone left behind.